Project Management for PCB Manufacture and Assembly

The coordination of PCB design, fabrication, component procurement, assembly prep and assembly is a critical path to functional, successful circuit boards.

There are several options available for realization. Some firms choose to manage the separate production elements including board design and fabrication as well as purchasing the components, making sure all components including the boards, are available to ship to the assembly house all within a specific timeframe. Other firms understand the true cost of managing the elements of production and elect to have their project managed by a professional with exclusive focus and expertise.

Management often has a great appreciation for the cost of time. Firms electing to internally manage the production elements may not be including the true costs to the bottom line of the project. Costs often neglected in the accounting of a PCB assembly project cost include the time of the internal communication for clarification with the CAD designer and engineer, the in-bound freight for components, the phone calls for timely lead-time alternate options and delivery confirmations, the time involved to inspect the incoming material, the time required to process the purchase orders and invoices, etc. The list of uncaptured expenses goes on and on…

By engaging with a professional Project Management team there is only one transaction. By calling California Integration Coordinators, Inc. the production elements are condensed to:
One quote
One supplier
One purchase order
One point of contact
One shipment of incoming material, assembly line ready
One fixed price

Any management team, prepared to engage in an upcoming PCB manufacture and assembly project, should understand all the true costs.