Creating the best PCB Assembly Flow

There are several secrets to ensuring most efficient use of PCB assembly floor time.

Secret # 1 – Use a highly reputable PCB Project Management source for procurement and kitting of the electronic components. PCB assembly can be expensive and components (including boards) even more so. Care must be taken at the onset of the PCB project to coordinate boards and components for secure, just in time delivery to assembly.

Secret # 2 – Inspection, Inspection, Inspection.
· The BOM must be reviewed thoroughly by an outside entity to compare part descriptions with manufacturer’s part numbers to assure that all call-outs are correct.
· The Components procured must be inspected to confirm the required component is being provided to assembly.
· The Completed Kit must be reviewed prior to being submitted to assembly to make sure that assembly can set up and run without interruption.

Secret # 3 – California Integration Coordinators, Inc.