Judging Value When Planning A PCB Assembly Project

How does one determine if the best value for your next PCB assembly project is found internally or externally to your organization?

1. Do you have the purchasing staff with expertise to locate the components and hardware items for you?
2. If components cannot be found, does the internal purchasing staff have the knowledge and experience to investigate alternates?
3. Would the staff also be reviewing the BOM for any discrepancy between the part description and the actual components being purchased?

If you answered YES to all the questions above, then ask one additional question – “Does the internal purchasing staff have the hours available to take on this project?” Do you know the cost of those man-hours?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, or if you know the total cost impact of the project to your internal staff, please consider the value California Integration Coordinators, Inc. could offer to your next PCB Assembly project.

The cost savings start with the expertise and experienced CIC staff:
+ We coordinate with many highly respected board manufactures to offer the highest quality product.
+ Refer to the most appropriate assembly firm to insure the outcome of product meets the customer requirement.

CIC will:
* Obtain quotes on all products
* Place orders
* Manage and expedite incoming orders
* Manage ongoing material requirements and inventory
* Offer alternative part sourcing
* Inspect all incoming material
* Prepare all Kits to your specifications
* Manage phone calls
* Process multiple receipts / deliveries
* Handle invoices
* Manage internal paperwork
* Reconcile payments to suppliers
Contact California Integration Coordinators, Inc. to compare the project cost and find the true value!! Call 530.626.6168 or email your requirements to cic@cic-inc.com for a quote. For more information see www.cic-inc.com