Electronic Manufacturing is starting to see some signs of recovery. The Requests to Quote new Printed Circuit Board projects is on the rise! The difficulty now is managing the shortage of some of the critical components. To insure the success of the PCB project, it is imparative to have a Professional Project Coordinator on the project.

Numerous component manufacturer’s pulled back production more than a year ago. Inventory of specific component lines have shrunk and lead-times have stretched to new highs as manufacturer’s try to gear up for the new demand.

A Professional Project Coordinator understands the contraints and will be able to suggest material alternates to avoid the lead-time issues, will have access to material in the pipeline, and will know how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can take a PCB Project off-schedule.

To have a Professional Project Coordinator assigned to your upcoming PCB project, contact California Integration Coordinators, Inc. www.cic-inc.com or call 530-626-6168 today!