Evaluating the Electronics Procurement / Kitting Service Provider

The launch of new OEM products can be risky – evaluate the following factors to select the right NPI electronics project manufacturing service provider to get the new product to market quickly and ensure the success of your NPI.

  1. Make sure the provider is financially sound
  2. Consider the logistics/language – choose a service provider within your time zone
  3. The service provider must demonstrate flexibility to engineering changes
  4. Flexibility should include a daily focus on the project
  5. Provider should be double checking all component elements within the BOM
  • double check the BOM for part descriptions to match the assigned manufacturer’s part number
  • provide component lead-times and search for in-stock alternates to suggest for approval
  • provide cost and suggest cost savings alternates (Mfg or packaging options) for approval
  • BOM scrubbing – filling passive call-outs with Mfg and part number for procurement
  • contact Manufacturer’s for Sample options for initial small prototype builds

Evaluate the Service Provider and determine if they are acting on your behalf and in YOUR best interest. Factor in the following:

  1. Quality
  2. Experience
  3. Manufacturability
  4. Cost

After evaluating your Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider call California Integration Coordinators, Inc. to discover how the criteria above ARE the heart of the service provided. Call 530-626-6168 to visit with your new Project Coordinator.