Best Method to Avoid Counterfeit Electronic Components

Numerous manufacturers’ have seen a marked increase in demand for their product over the previous 12 month period of time. Lead-times for many electronic components far exceed previously quoted lead-times and are catching manufacturing off guard.

The philosophy at California Integration Coordinators, Inc., now being echoed by many, is to purchase from franchised distributors to eliminate the chance of receiving counterfeit components. CIC, Inc. has long standing relationships with franchised distributors as well as manufacturers which allows us to provide the product required in a timely confident manner.

Working very closely with all the franchised distributors we also have access to product engineers for suggestions to find alternate options when lead-times on the original call out are excessive.

There are still times when it is necessary to consider a non-franchised source or an independent distributor to overcome long lead-times. CIC, Inc. carefully has chosen sources serious about maintaining their credibility in the electronics procurement realm and have the technical equipment to insure the integrity of the components. By taking precautions, researching, presenting all the information and allowing our end-customer the choice in the non-franchised sourced material procurement decision, we avoid being involved with any counterfeit components.

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