Successfully providing more services at lower cost

The economic conditions in the last year have driven many companies associated with Electronic Manufacturing Services to take less risk, slim down inventory availability and cut back on customer service. There are a select group of Electronic Manufacturing Service providers becoming more aggressive and very competitive to grow their business during this time. California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is a participant in the later group.

Here’s what CIC, Inc. is doing to grow our business during this time.

1. Finding ways to source material and avoid manufacturer’s extended lead-times and lack of inventory availability by using engineering support and expanding the approved alternates for customers.

2. Pre-approving sources for services and materials committed to the highest quality and willing to hold pricing down to very competitive levels.

3. Expanding the services offered to customers as a complete package or full solution. Staff reductions and economies have stretched our customer’s ability to coordinate the electronic manufacturing services; we became the cost effective outsourcing solution for our customers.

4. Customer satisfaction has become the #1 measurement of our success.

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