Dealing with Long Lead-time Electronic Components

In such a fast paced environment as electronics, it’s hard to understand the lead-times being quoted at 12-45 weeks and in come cases, even longer!! A product can be outdated before it can be built!

We’ve all read the numerous reasons that have lead to such constraints but it doesn’t ease the pain if you are trying to bring your PCB project to fruition.

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. primary focus is Procurement and Kitting of electronic components for assembly. Sourcing long lead-time items is a daily occurrence for the Project Coordinators at CIC, Inc. How do they manage to get around the lead-times??

One aspect of by-passing long lead-time issues is identifying acceptable alternatives. Working with engineers and electronic technical component specialists, the Project Coordinators identify alternative manufacturers with a drop-in replacement to the original called out component. Providing more than one possible alternative can significantly raise the odds of obtaining acceptable components in a planned time-frame. All identified alternatives are presented to the PCB Design Engineer for final approval.

A second aspect of avoiding the long lead-time issues is understanding the complexities of sourcing. After almost 25 years sourcing components in a dynamic marketplace, partnerships have been developed that allow us to find, access and expedite components on behalf of our customers.

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