OEM Component Procurement

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers’ have employees assigned to purchase the components required for their companies PCB assemblies. With that in mind, is there really value in using CIC as a third party component kitting source?

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is a professional electronic procurement and kitting source. Electronic component procurement and kitting is the heart and soul of the service CIC, Inc. has been providing for 23 years.

The professional services provided by CIC, Inc. include:

· engineering technical ability to suggest alternative components for obsolete or allocated components

· sourcing knowledge and experience to maintain quality

· incoming inspection of the components to insure the component meets the required BOM call-out

· component kits organized and documented to speed up the assembly set-up

· all components are kitted as “line ready”

Contacting a professional for these services will make the difference in the timely delivery of PCB assemblies while minimizing the costs at the assembly line.

Call a Project Coordinator at CIC today and add them to your team for your next PCB assembly project at (530) 626-6168.