Interview with California Integration Coordinators, Inc.

What’s different about what you provide or how you provide it that sets you apart from your competition?

Complete, accurate quotes
The quotes we prepare for our customers are intensively prepared by experienced staff. We document the media type quoted, the lead-time, minimum or multiple purchase requirements, the quantity and price, but also any suggested direct cross to cut the price or shorten the lead-time. Our quotes are not prepared by any auto-search software but by real people who confirm online information. Staff even calls the distributors and manufacturers to gather the most accurate delivery and pricing data to ensure the most accurate quotes possible.

Constant project monitoring
Project Coordinators continually monitor incoming material to insure the dock dates are maintained and the project stays on schedule. Any delivery or material issues are resolved and the customer is continually informed by communication updates.

What impact do you have on your customers’ lives?

One-stop for entire PCB project
Without our services, customers would be forced to order material themselves or through an assembly facility whose primary focus is assembly, not material. The level of procurement expertise, the project coordination between board fabrication, material procurement and assembly and the timely communication with the end-customer are all reasons the customer has for choosing our Project Coordinating Services as opposed to alternatives.

What could you tell prospective customers that would cause them to drop everything and come see you right away?

Electronics market is rapidly tightening
The components market is tightening rapidly; lead-times are extending for months instead of weeks, the minimum purchase requirements are increasing, Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable (NC/NR) contracts required upon order, not to mention the price increases, especially with passives.

Why should prospective customers select you versus all the other options they have?
California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has professional project coordinators with years of experience. Their focus is the efficient, expedient management of the customer’s PCB assembly project. CIC, Inc. has been in business for 23 years and has developed tools and methodology for the coordinating staff which differentiates from others who advertise “Procurement and Kitting Services”.

If there are additional questions to ask, please contact us (530)626-6168. We’d be very glad to discuss how our services could be a benefit to any upcoming PCB Assembly.