Value in Outsourcing PCB Material Management

For organizations trying to manage their PCB builds, the task can be overwhelming.

By outsourcing the PCB project to professional PCB Project Managers, the organizations costs can be reduced and risks minimized. California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has considerable experience in navigating the electronic component sourcing arena. No hidden costs or overhead.

Request a quote for your upcoming PCB build and see how the costs compare. CIC, Inc. will provide a quote and include the Costed BOM. Any components currently unavailable due to factory constraints or obsolesence are crossed to an available alternative, where possible.

The cost quoted includes all the communication to maintain delivery dates, the in-bound shipping costs, incoming inspection, engineering support, prep for the assembly process, accounts payable, etc. Imagine the staff costs to perform those functions for your organization!!

We encourage your organization to contact CIC, Inc. regarding your next PCB build ~
1. Costs clearly stated upfront
2. Problems components identified and suggestions to overcome issues are provided
3. Experienced professionals at your service

Call 530-626-6168 to discuss your build with a Project Manager.