Printed Circuit Board Fulfillment

Your company has a product designed which requires one or more assembled circuit boards. You have a multitude of options to fulfill this requirement.
• Do you currently call on an electronic assembly/PC board facility as a one-stop shop?
• Do you currently have an off-shore representative that arranges the procurement of the PC boards?
• Do you place an order for the bare PC boards, order the components and send the whole lot to an electronic assembly facility to populate the boards?
• Do you use other methods?

There can be a huge price variance between the different fulfillment models. Under consideration is the time to full realization, as well as cost and quality.

TCQ = Value

The option of having experienced Project Management coordinate the fulfillment provides the best Value.

TIME is shortened by having a dedicated coordinator monitor and expedite the components and the assembly process.
COST is managed by the Project Manager; affordable options are presented, board fabrication and assembly are chosen based on the contribution to best value.
QUALITY is the driving force and is demonstrated by customer satisfaction and loyalty.

VALUE is California Integration Coordinators, Inc. a PCB Project Management Service Provider with 25 years experience. Our business has been built with customer loyalty and a strong belief in providing the highest quality service.

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