EMS Problem Solvers

When you have a new, unfamiliar body pain, you seek medical help.  When you are preparing to enter into a large contract, you seek legal advice.  When you have the responsibility of a new PC board assembly, you should have a project coordinator join your team.
A professional project coordinator from California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is trained to address all the problems that arise; they’re problem solvers by design.  
Problems are avoided with professional project coordinators, whose processes include:
            BOM verification to ensure all the part descriptions match the Mfg part numbers
Determining the availability for all components required
Finding options for components which have long lead-times
Ordering materials from authorized manufacturer’s distributors (no brokers)
Expediting lead-time materials to keep the project on schedule
Inspection of all materials prior to assembly; preventing delays at assembly
Documenting all components for traceability
Material / Inventory management after the assembly to utilize excess
Many businesses responsible for PC assemblies may have the benefit of in-house professional personnel for these processes.  If your business does not have an in-house project coordinator, or would like to out-source the efforts, know that there are professionals available.  California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is the leader in Electronic Procurement and Kitting services.
When you have the responsibility of completing a PC board assembly project, seek a professional project coordinator.   www.cic-inc.com  or call (530) 626-6168

Calling on Electronic Engineers and Designers

Now that you’re ready to have PC boards built…

The Gerber files are complete, the BOM has come together, every aspect is identified, now it’s time to get rolling. This is where the “rubber hits the road”.

Lots of electronic component search engines to use. Plenty of online fabrication sources that will ship the boards in as little as 24 hours. After so much cost and effort to get the PC board project this close to realization, having an ace in your pocket right now would be very helpful. A guarantee; a little extra comfort in knowing it will all come out well.

Project Coordinators from California Integration Coordinators, Inc. essentially provide that comfort.

CIC, Inc. has been providing various electronic manufacturing support services for 23 years. Our primary support function is material procurement and kitting services, but we can also offer full-turnkey and inventory management solutions. Our business is helping companies such as yours, to build assembled circuit boards. No matter the quantity of assembled boards you may require, the quality and attention to detail starts with our quote. Our experienced staff takes pride in providing a complete, detailed quote for all component items. We can typically quote a full BOM in a few days.

Our Project Coordinators:
* verify the BOM for part descriptions to match the assigned manufacturer’s part number
* provide component lead-times and search for in-stock alternates to suggest for approval
* provide cost and suggest cost saving alternates (Mfg or packaging options) for approval
* BOM scrubbing – filling passive call-outs with Mfg and part number for procurement

Now that you’re ready to have boards built…add a Project Coordinator from CIC to your team and raise your comfort level. Call 530-626-6168.