Electronic Component Kit Preparation

Ordering, confirming, tracking, verifying, labeling and preparing electronic components for a PC assembly can be very time-consuming and a bit tricky.  
We highly recommend ordering components only from an Authorized  Distribution source or directly from the manufacturer.  Rule #1 will help avoid the issue of counterfeit components.  Confirming delivery, expediting (as necessary), and tracking the order until you sign takes time; but it does help avoid issues of missing shipments going unnoticed until it’s critical.
Once materials arrive, they need to be counted; but most importantly, verified.  All handling has to be done within an ESD safe zone with ESD safe handling processes.  A digital microscope is a valuable tool as you read part markings, values, etc.  Always decipher or compare with the datasheet to know that the part your ordered is indeed the part you received.  Most all issues are uncovered during the verification process. 
Should a performance issue arise, it is very important to have retained the original Lot Code and Manufacturing data from the package to insure the traceability and manufacturers support.
Label the components to provide an efficient and  accurate audit prior to assembly.  The label does not need to be fancy.  The information must be easy to read, consistent with the original BOM, and contain all pertinent information.
Assembled PC boards can consist of thousands of components.  At best, one issue slipping by can throw a deadline out the window; the worst that can happen is unimaginable.
In addition to the labor intensive processes identified so far, Kit Preparation will also involve numerous phone calls, issuing of purchase orders, packing slips, invoices, RMA resolutions, etc.
Outsourcing the Procurement and Kit preparation to professionals can save a PC Assembly Project.  
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