Get it done!

During the design stage of a PCB, the timeline is dedicated to the functional elements and the layout.  Once the design is released, the timeline has a small blip on the chart for the realization process. 
Careful!  The realization process is not a commodity.  How many hours are spent troubleshooting a prototype design only to discover the problem was attributable to workmanship or issues in component handling? 
After spending months in design, making sure everything was done perfectly, the project then deserves the same respect through the realization process.  The expertise for board fabrication, sourcing the components exactly as required, and providing a skillful assembly are critical to the timeline and the success of a PCB project.
Expertise infused into every aspect of a PCB project, especially realization, will help to ensure the timeline is maintained. 
  1. Choose a board fabrication source that can review the design (DFM) and will work out any issues prior to the manufacture.  Utilizing an experienced DFM Engineer can reduce cost and increase success.
  1. Find a respected electronic kitting provider.  A professional focused solely on the materials; an expert in the field.  The process should begin with a clear and concise quote for the materials required.  The components should be procured solely from authorized distributors with full traceability direct to the manufacturer per the design specification. 
  1. The assembly facility should be chosen based on the expertise required for the PCB project.  The assembly engineering review should be able to spot issues and work with the design engineers on any questions prior to beginning the assembly process. 
The realization process is a truly critical time during the maturation of a PCB project.  Please call on California Integration Coordinators, Inc. if you have questions regarding sourcing for your next project – (530) 626-6168 or send a note to