Outsourcing PCB Assembly Materials

It is a challenge to stay fiscally responsible AND competitive in today’s marketplace.   
Companies requiring assembled PCB’s have numerous options to consider to meet those challenges: 
  1. In-house procurement of materials, which are then boxed and sent to the chosen  assembly facility
  2. Allow the assembly facility to source the materials based on the customer BOM
  3. Outsource to a professional PCB project management team
What are the Pro’s and Con’s of each of the identified options above in 1, 2, and 3?
Utilize current staff to save money.  Why pay someone else when we have staff available?
Staff need to be trained and become proficient at purchasing, component inspection and kitting.
One purchase order, one point of contact from start to finish.
Assembly facilities generally focus on the assembly function and the talented staff in manufacturing.
Professional procurement, inspection, and kitting staff trained  for material sourcing and handling.
Can add slightly to the cost while saving significantly in production, material issues and time.
High volumes can have their own matrixes to determine cost effectiveness. 
For the low-volume/high-mix profiles, true value is ultimately found in outsourcing to a professional PCB project management team.  The costs are limited to the quote / budget and delivered within a specified timeframe.  Having all material deliveries monitored for timeliness, then inspected with all traceability documented, helps to ensure there won’t be expensive down-time on the assembly floor. 
To compare outsourcing options for PCB project management, specifically procurement, kitting and inventory management, start with California Integration Coordinators, Inc.   Call (530) 626-6168 to discuss your requirements and how outsourcing may bring value.  Additional information is available at www.cic-inc.com.