Design for PCB Assembly

The Design and Testing of a PC board are both critical elements to the production of a new printed circuit board assembly.  The next most importantaspect of the PCB project is the link between the Design Engineer and the DFM Engineer from both the Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly facility.  The cost of bringing a new PCB design to fruition can be HUGE!  Why would anyone risk the time and expense without engaging professional input from board fab, assembly and component procurement staff?
California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is the link that brings success to your PCB Project.
The professional CIC Project Coordinators:
  • engage partners with board fabrication and assembly to review project documentation/layout
  • double check the BOM for part descriptions to match the assigned manufacturer’s part number
  • provide component lead-times and search for in-stock alternates to suggest for approval
  • provide cost and suggest cost saving alternates (Mfg or packaging options) for approval
  • BOM scrubbing – filling passive call-outs with Mfg and part number for procurement
  • request Manufacturer’s sample options for initial small prototype builds
Does this link exist in your PCB project team?   Contact CIC, Inc. Project Coordinating staff to find out how easy it is to make this addition to your team!   Call 530-626-6168 or email to talk to YOUR new team member.