25th Anniversary Celebration Series

 Introduction to the Staff
Focus on Debby Verry
Debby has been with CIC, Inc. for almost 12 years.
Roles and Responsibilities as the Lab Manager include leading and supervising the manufacturing, re-calibration and repair of ADM flow meters with a staff of four. 
The following is the interview with Debby:
Describe your favorite part of your current responsibilities

My favorite is the people I work with.  The challenge of getting the product out.  Helping our customers solve their problems.  I really like every aspect of my job.

What is special about CIC, Inc. reaching the 25th Anniversary mark?

CIC is a small company that thrives even in the hard economic times because it is a company with integrity.  It embraces the changes that may be required to meet our customers needs.  It is a great place to work which is evident by the long term employment history of the majority of the employees and everyone is invested in it’s success.  25 years is a long time and we could not be more proud to be a part of it!

Debby came to CIC after 12 years with J.E.I. as the Manager of assembly and 3 years with Tektronix working in Special Products.
During this year of celebration we want to highlight our employees and say Thank You.
If you want extend a note of Congratulations to our staff, please send it to CIC@cic-inc.com.  
If you’d like to learn more about us, visit www.cic-inc.com.