Adding Value for PCBA Material Kits

There can be various sources for Printed Circuit Board Material Kits for the Assembly of the PCB’s. 
An Assembly facility or Engineer might choose to order from multiple material sources direct, they might choose a distributor who advertises Kitting services, or they could choose a Kitting Service Provider.  Not all sources provide the same level of services so it’s good to understand the services provided by those sources and the value those services bring to a project.
Assembly facilities could look for added value from material source(s) with:
  • Timely turn on material RFQ’s
  • Open quote / order status reports
  • Clean Kits (materials confirmed)
  • Easy to audit Kit and line ready
  • Attrition / media based on assembly floor requirements
OEM Engineers / Project Mgrs could look for added value from material source(s) with:
  • Quotes to source every BOM requirement
  • Timely turn on RFQ’s
  • Open quote / order status reports
  • Suggest alternates for obsolete or long lead-time (whenever possible)
  • Focus on the project timeframe to meet build due date
  • Offer best PC board fabrication and assembly sources to balance expertise and cost
  • Source from Manufacturers direct or from Authorized Distribution only
  • Inspect and verify incoming materials to manufacturer’s datasheet
  • Be able to provide evidence of traceability to manufacturers on materials for at least 12 months
  • Manage all excess materials to utilize and reduce cost on future PC builds
If your project could benefit from the additional services which add value and timeliness, consider contacting California Integration Coordinators, Inc. to discuss your project requirements. or call me (530) 626-6168