Quoting Tools

As Electronic Component Procurement and Kitting Service providers, we’re continually asked about our Quoting Tools.  What software do you prefer?  How do you handle the RFQ submissions to suppliers?  How many days or weeks do you average for your complete PCB material quote for the OEM project?

We have not found a tool which can compare to a well trained Project Coordinator in speed or accuracy. 
EMS buyers have software / quoting tools which require the data be “scrubbed”; manufacturer’s part numbers verified and data put into an upload ready format.  Distributor sales representatives, interfacing with tools on the receiving side of an RFQ, also need to verify data and work out any kinks.  Distribution often does not see all the information the customer provided, so any discrepancies are sent back to the EMS buyer as UNKNOWN or NO BID. 
Many of the stand-alone software tools, or ERP interface quote tools, require a great deal of user training but do they train buyers to be Project Coordinators?
EMS Project Coordinators are unique in their skill set and tenure matures them into valuable, key members of any EMS Project Team.  The difference is their ability to resolve manufacturing part number discrepancies quickly and to interface with the customer to ensure accuracy in quoting.  Project Coordinators skills also include the ability to read and understand manufacturer’s datasheets, find potential alternates to suggest to customer’s when lead-time or obsolescence challenge a customer’s timeline.   Given all the resources available, Project Coordinators can accurately and quickly source materials and document price, availability, lead-time and manufacturer’s part number status (i.e. NRND, Non-Stocking, Last Time Buy, etc.) for the OEM customer. 
Tools and software interface can have its reward but the human element still beats the current options.
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