Why our electronic component kits are so appreciated

There is numerous staff involved in the successful delivery of an electronic component kit for PCB assemblies.  The staff least visible have the most impact.  I’d like to introduce our kitting staff.
Daily, the kitting staff doubles as the receiving-inspectors and conducts the product verification.  They count the incoming items, compare the count against the purchase order, verify the part markings against the datasheet, and compare the description of the part with the bill of materials. 
The kitters work with amazing accuracy under the pressure of shipping deadlines; can pick out a one digit difference on a 15 digit part number, can find the datasheet information to confirm the package and the part marking, and are able to quickly produce the paper document package the assembly house will require (kit list, labels, excess instructions, bar coding, etc.).  The kitting staff put together the final presentation of the complete kit and the documentation for the customer; making each one beautiful in its organization of material all wrapped up in pink bubble wrap.
So often, it is the least visible contributors to a project that have the most significant impact.  So many recipient assembly line staff claim our kits are the best and trust the component accuracy for efficient line set-up.  The project coordinators on the front line graciously accept the compliments, but want you to know who is behind the kits; our kitting staff. 
Our appreciation to the kitting staff at California Integration Coordinators, Inc.  We truly appreciate the quality for which our organization has come to be known.
Want to know more about electronic component kitting?  Contact me and I’d be glad to share the details.  Cherie@cic-inc.com

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Made in USA

Does “Made in the USA” matter?  Do companies that make products in the USA find value in the distinction?
According to several polls and some recent research, it does make a difference.  Consumer Reports article from February 2013 (http://consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2013/02/made-in-america/index.htm) covered a broad spectrum of manufacturing, labeling practices and consumer sentiment.  In addition to a manufacturer believing in keeping their loyalties and their money in the USA, consumers were also influenced by corporate responsibility, environmental policies and ethics.
Do you believe in MADE IN USA? 
Electronics manufacturing is often cited as an example of products being made outside of this country to maintain competitive pricing.  Some OEM’s have argued that the United States does not have the skilled labor and machinery to compete. 
Much has been written to encourage manufacturing in the USA and to bring pressure to manufacturers to reconsider outsourcing overseas.  Each manufacturer needs to take a look at their corporate responsibility and decide what they are reasonably able to do.  CIC, Inc. is proud to be a service provider to the electronic manufacturing industry who strives to purchase American made components, recommend American made components and encourage American electronic printed circuit board assembly.
Is MADE IN USA an option to explore?  Does it make sense for US companies of electronics manufacturing especially in the prototype and pre-production stages?  CIC, Inc. manages full-turnkey PCBA projects and specializes in procurement and kitting for those projects.  Get a quote and see if MADE IN USA can be possible.