Parts Procurement

Parts Procurement & Kitting

Customer Quote
The CIC, Inc. Costed BOM includes any suggested alternates (due to obsolesence, excessive lead-times, excess Min/Mult requirements, etc.) Lead-times, Package type, Customer per piece Cost and standard overage for assembly attrition. The Costed BOM will also note any Manufacturer’s update to the Part Number and will also note RoHS Part Numbering change if needed.

Our policy for procuring electronic components on behalf of our customers is to ALWAYS purchase either directly from the Manufacturer or from the Authorized Distributor for the Manufacturer identified on the BOM. Prior to any purchase, CIC, Inc. will provide customers with a Costed BOM complete with all deciding factors.

Incoming Inspection
Materials purchased on behalf of our customers receive a stringent review prior to being accepted and Kitted for Assembly. CIC staff, trained specifically for Receiving Inspection, not only are verifying the quantity of items received but also verify the part markings against the Manufacturer’s Part Number and datasheet.