We provide services to those in need of assembled circuit boards.

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Custom Integration and Support

CIC offers custom product design consultation, fabrication, testing,
Packaging, and support for specialized electronic products.

  • Design optimization.
  • Component selection.
  • Printed Circuit Board fabrication.
  • Box building to specifications.
  • Turn-Key solutions.

Strategic Inventory Management

CIC maintains strategic components for clients, on site, in
sufficient quantities to meet critical project demand.

  • Clients pre-purchase critical components and ship to CIC.
  • CIC maintains a secure space for strategic inventory.
  • Offers dedicated inventory racks per client.
  • Uses a Cloud-based Inventory Management System.
  • Has IP Cameras that monitor and record inventory draws.
  • Has a dedicated Strategic Inventory Manager.
  • Draws client components from strategic inventory racks to fill orders.

Rapid Proposal, Purchasing and Kitting

CIC has senior teams of skilled kitting program managers that use proprietary CIC
software to provide rapid responses to mission critical client requests and timelines.


  • Immediate identification of in-stock component sources including strategic inventory maintained by CIC.
  • Provide costed BOM’s with stock status, lead-time, packaging types, Minimum/Multiple, and pricing.
  • Provide options or alternates to long lead-time items, large M/M, obsolete or non-RoHS call-outs.
  • Quote and provide Kits to meet the Assembly requirements.
  • Identify drop-in replacements to add options for passive components (alternate component options).
  • Propose cost savings with passive components when appropriate.
  • Provide customized services as requested.
  • 12 to 24 hour turn around on quotes.
  • Component purchasing within 30 minutes of purchase order receipt.


  • Verify the incoming material is received in a media type which is compatible with the assembly capabilities to ensure efficiency in the assembly process.
  • Kitting & Order Audit processes to meet ESD S20.20 Standards .
  • Confirm and documents part markings.

Make material lines ready for assembly:

  • Leaders / Trailers.
  • Reels.
  • Extenders.


  • Complete labeling.
  • Complete packaging.