Flowmeter Recalibration / Repair Order Form

Sunset Notice: CIC will discontinue flowmeter recalibration and repair operations effective 8/31/2023.

For questions, please email customerservice@cic-inc.com.

CIC Inc Flowmeter Recal/Repair Order Form

CIC Inc Flowmeter Recal/Repair Order Form

Customer Information

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Contact Information

Authorized Services

2 business day turn-around
Available range 0.2 ml/min to 40.0 ml/min



If your unit needs to be repaired and we do not have pre-approval, there may be a delay in return delivery. If pre-approval is given and repair is un-necessary, charges billed will be for recalibration only.

If you have more than 6 flowmeters to be serviced, please provide the additional model and serial numbers in the comments field at the bottom of the form.

Return Shipping Information

(Please check for International Orders.)

*(Customer assumes liability if lost or damaged in transit.) **(Not available with FedEx Services)

Comments / Additional Model & Serial Numbers


CIC, Inc. no longer accepts Purchase Orders for Flowmeter repair and recalibration services. We can accept proforma invoices with payment in advance.  Credit  card is the preferred method of payment.

To ensure your credit card security, call Customer Service directly at (530) 497-5467

( 8am – 3pm PST)