What is Kitting for PCB Assembly?

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Official definition of a Kit is “a set of materials or parts from which something can be assembled…” and the definition of Kitting is “to package or make available in a kit”.  Kitting has been the primary focus of the Project Coordinators at California Integration Coordinators, Inc. since 1988.  With our depth of experience, it

New Role of Electronic Component Procurement and Kitting

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Businesses are being challenged more than ever! If the product requires a printed circuit board, the hurdles are now multiplied. With numerous staff required to work from home while customer expectations and timelines are still in place, outsourcing becomes the critical key to success. At one time outsourcing was a way to eliminate routine, low

PCB Kitting material variations based on Assembly facility

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The process of procuring PCB component materials and kitting varies depending on the requirement of PCB Assembly facility chosen. If the kitting source does not take the assembly requirements into consideration, there could be a great deal of waste and over-expenditure for the PCB materials. Choose the assembly facility prior to preparing a quote for

5 reasons to outsource PCB Component Procurement and Kitting

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PCB assembly is the process of placing all electronic components on the printed circuit board exactly as the design plan dictates.  Some assembly designs can require 100's of different components.  Those components are purchased through a variety of Authorized Distributors.  With complicated builds requiring hundreds of components it is not unusual to purchase from 5

How to Kit Components Prior to Assembly

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Anyone can use the internet to locate and purchase components for a PCB assembly. So….why is “Kitting” such an important step in the PCB Assembly process?  The term Kitting is used to describe the task of bringing all materials together into one package ready for assembly. With all required materials received, verified, placed in suitable

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