There are 3 levels of OEM product repair, 1. organizational, 2. intermediate and 3. depot-level. Organizational repair and intermediate repair are generally done on-site to immediately replace or repair and replace failed products. Depot level repairs are often completed in off-site 3rd party locations performing OEM sanctioned product repairs, and/ or modifications per OEM specifications.

The financial benefit of salvaging and repairing a product versus direct replacement is the driving force for the depot-level service. The material and labor costs for the original product justify the refurbishing of the product to “like-new” condition. Often the volume is more than the OEM is willing to manage within their manufacturing site and they seek an outside entity for support.

OEM’s develop supply chain relationships which will give visibility to a potential 3rd party depot-level service provider and, other times, a relationship may need to be developed outside the scope of the current supply chain.

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. currently provides depot-level general support services which include both the repair, refurbish, and return to the customer supply base and the repair, refurbish, and return to the end-user. Services have been provided for OEM hand-held devices as well as smaller OEM hand-sized laboratory tools.

Consider CIC, Inc. when analyzing support for the depot-level services.