Engineering projects slowing to a crawl with the pandemic and the Work from Home policies?

Some engineers have the luxury of having their own “sandbox”; a place they can build and test out concepts. Once the concept and design have reached a point where it can be shared with others, now what? Will it be nights and weekends trying to build multiples of the latest gizmo to share?

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has always had a place engineers can bring their “sandbox” designs and have them realized. CIC, Inc. in the new facility, has now formalized, and is introducing the Customer Fabrication Department. The group is led by an in-house mechanical engineer, project managers, and a team of technicians experienced at maturing the concept design to a product.

The new Work from Home policies have many engineering projects tabled, or short staffed, as they no longer have the manpower resources available. CIC’s Custom Fabrication staff can fill that gap. Keep the timelines in place by utilizing the available resources. During this introduction, we welcome those projects struggling during this pandemic. Currently serving the Aerospace, Oil / Gas, Defense, and Technology sectors.

We are here to help get projects realized, and timelines on track, despite the challenges.

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