The Healthcare and Defense markets have unique requirements to which the electronics-based supply-chain has had to adapt to address their specific needs. Supporting legacy product, providing traceability, and meeting delivery requirements are all challenges the supply-chain must address. California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has found that, by expanding services into Strategic Inventory Management Services and Custom Fabrication, Healthcare and Defense customers are taking notice.

Here are some key benefits to utilizing Strategic Inventory Management Services:

  • Visibility to their assets (CIC Online Portal to Inventory)
  • Excess PCB assembly materials utilized
  • Large minimum order quantities can be used over multiple projects
  • Obsolete and Long Lead-time items can be purchased in advance
  • Ability to add leader/trailer to cut strips or put material on reels
  • Maintain Lot/Date Code traceability

Custom Fabrication allows small prototype box builds to take place in a highly confidential, controlled environment which includes direct engineering supervision and customer reporting. The manufacturing process is honed and well documented so a project can move seamlessly from prototype to larger scale production. It includes the following elements:

  • Component traceability
  • Testing results
  • Monitored environment
  • Documented work instructions
  • Confidentiality

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. is ITAR Registered and Certified to ISO 9001:2015.
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