Electronic manufacturing support for engineers working from home is critical to keeping projects on time and deliverable. Many PCB assembly facilities are working with limited in-house staff with their support staff working from home. Those working on the assembly lines, are working under cautious conditions to maintain their health. Masks, temperature checks, distancing, health screening, and cleaning policies are all in place to protect those people required to handle the materials. Many assembly facilities are working in split-shifts to accommodate the distancing efforts, with the added burden falling on the facility.  

Bill of Materials (BoM) support is available from Kitting sources such as California Integration Coordinators, Inc. All the necessary functions of quoting, procurement, material inspection, verification, and material prep for assembly are handled with transparency, by professional staff as a team member. The quote includes any lead-time, availability issues, suggested alternates to avoid impact, and life-cycle alerts to provide the engineering team upfront knowledge and insight. The incoming materials are inspected, verified by part markings, date/lot codes are preserved, and the materials are prepared for efficient assembly handling and successful yields.

Working from home does change how we work, but PCB Engineering teams can still maintain schedules and successful projects, by utilizing all the available team members. Contact CIC, Inc. (530-626-6168 or cic@cic-inc.com) to add a Project Coordinator to your team! 

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