Anyone can use the internet to locate and purchase components for a PCB assembly. So….why is “Kitting” such an important step in the PCB Assembly process?
The term Kitting is used to describe the task of bringing all materials together into one package ready for assembly. With all required materials received, verified, placed in suitable packaging and given to the assembly facility, the assembly process may then commence. Sounds simple. Often, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers encourage clients to engage professional kitting services as a part of their manufacturing strategy.

Professional kitting services can be independent or integrated with an assembly facility. With either option, the function of bringing all required materials together is essential for the assembly process to perform with maximum efficiency. Professional Kitting services far exceed the simple act of locating and ordering.

• Authorized sources for materials are assessed and the BEST source for availability and pricing is identified.
• The Bill of Materials (BoM) descriptions and the material call-outs are compared and reviewed for any discrepancies.
• If component availability conflicts with the assembly timeline, options are then sourced, to be presented to the BoM owner for approval, to maintain assembly timeline.
• A Costed BoM will be provided to any quote requestor for review and approval prior to the start of any purchasing.
• Upon approval the purchasing is completed based on the Costed BoM.
• All purchased materials are tracked to ensure on-time delivery.
• Incoming materials are then counted, inspected and verified against the manufacturer’s datasheet to guarantee the item ordered is the item received.
• Industry standards for ESD prevention are applied throughout the process to ensure the proper condition of all components at all times.
• Materials are identified, organized and packaged to present to the assembly for effectual production.

Professional kitting services are, in particular, appreciated for the pre-screening and verification of the electronic components. No assembly line should EVER be down due to incorrect or missing components! The bottom line….utilizing professional kitting services safeguards an efficient assembly process and timely delivery of completed PCB projects.
When evaluating professional kitting service providers, please include California Integration Coordinators, Inc (CIC) on your list. CIC has focused exclusively on kitting services since 1988 and continues to set the performance bar for kitting service providers worldwide.
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