Various industry sectors have specific requirements for traceability of components used in the manufacturing process.  CIC, Inc. has developed protocols and procedures within the Receiving and Kitting Processes to meet specific industry requirements.

For the aerospace industry, the Kitting process includes maintaining the original manufacturer’s documentation for traceability.  For PCB assemblies under FAA regulations, CIC, Inc. includes the associated Certificate of Conformance with each line of Kitted materials destined for the PCB assembly line.  After assembly, this packet of documentation is then updated to include the PCB assembly serial numbers produced from the Kitted materials.  The documentation stays with the assembled PCBs for historical data owned by the customer.

When sourcing, managing inventory, and kitting of electronic components are the exclusive business mission, flexibility to accommodate various industry sectors is critical.  Medical, Defense, Aerospace, and Automotive sectors all have specific material documentation requirements which California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has perfected.  

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