5 reasons to outsource PCB Component Procurement and Kitting

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PCB assembly is the process of placing all electronic components on the printed circuit board exactly as the design plan dictates.  Some assembly designs can require 100's of different components.  Those components are purchased through a variety of Authorized Distributors.  With complicated builds requiring hundreds of components it is not unusual to purchase from 5

White-label Procurement Services (Contract Procurement)

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White label solutions can be cost effective and efficient in the delivery of services as well as products. For years, small, local banks have offered credit cards to their customers and outsourced the processing to credit card processing centers. The service is a white label solution to allow the banks, large and small, to offer

5 Rules of BoM Scrubbing

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At CIC, our Project Coordinators have been helping customers ensure successful builds with their PCB assembly materials since 1988. Along the way, we’ve identified some best practices to achieve successful PCB assemblies and want to share them with you. The biggest source of potential problems is in the Bill of Materials (BoM). When a new

How to Kit Components Prior to Assembly

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Anyone can use the internet to locate and purchase components for a PCB assembly. So….why is “Kitting” such an important step in the PCB Assembly process?  The term Kitting is used to describe the task of bringing all materials together into one package ready for assembly. With all required materials received, verified, placed in suitable

6 Steps to Prepare Components for Successful PCB Assembly

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Ordering, confirming, tracking, verifying, preparing and identifying electronic components for a PC assembly can be very time-consuming and a bit tricky.   We highly recommend ordering components only from an Authorized Distribution source or directly from the manufacturer.  Rule #1 will help avoid the issue of counterfeit components. Confirming the component intended delivery date, expediting (as

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