White label solutions can be cost effective and efficient in the delivery of services as well as products.

For years, small, local banks have offered credit cards to their customers and outsourced the processing to credit card processing centers. The service is a white label solution to allow the banks, large and small, to offer full services without the overhead.

PCB Assembly facilities can now outsource the quoting and kitting of the PCB material (component) customer requirements to an electronic procurement specialty source. This outsourcing allows the assembly facility to brand the quote and all customer supplied materials as their own, without having to invest in the personnel and associated facility costs. The completed RFQ’s (Costed BoM) and Kits can be prepared with Assembly facility logo, name, etc.

PCB assembly requires a continuous investment in the newest placement and test equipment necessary to be competitive in the industry. By focusing energies in the expertise of the talent and equipment investment, you can stand out from the crowd. Focus on the core competency of the unique assembly processes and leave the quoting and procurement to the procurement experts.

Utilizing the Contract Procurement Services saves not only on the cost of staffing but the unseen costs of overhead. The buying power of the Contract Procurement Services means the costs presented to the assembly facility will appear reasonable. The more dollars run through the Contract Procurement Services, the higher the discounts.

The use of white label solutions can help you add your business’s unique branding to offer a service without investing in the personnel, the technology and software. Simple, efficient, and cost effective allowing you to be more competitive in today’s tight PCB Assembly marketplace.