NPI Products, dependent on printed circuit boards are more difficult to get to market than ever before with continued Covid protocols and shortages in the electronic component marketplace.  With numerous staff required to work from home while customer expectations and timelines are still in place, outsourcing becomes the critical key to success.

At one time outsourcing was a way to eliminate routine, low skill, business functions. The other side of outsourcing is that it can be a great tool for efficiency and growth of business.  Procurement outsourcing and kitting of electronic components has earned its place as a key advantage for high-end, technical business applications (OEM’s and EMS providers alike).

Outsourcing procurement and kitting of electronic components makes use of specialists with skills, assets, and expertise that are specific to your industry’s needs.  This kind of expertise allows a fluid transition from concept to creation, allowing business engineering and development to focus on the core competencies.  The procurement specialist has the contacts, expertise, and buying leverage to see the project to completion on time and on budget.


  • Reduce purchasing impact of adding multiple new suppliers and purchase order costs
  • Eliminate time/cost of receiving, verifying in-bound materials and inventory accounting
  • Eliminate the warehouse demand to pick and pack 100’s of lines of materials for PCB assembly
  • Reduce design engineering time by receiving suggested available alternates for obsolete items

Outsourcing procurement and kitting through a specialist in the electronics industry means that the risks associated with product procurement, and unexpected costs resulting from erroneous components and the resulting downtime, are minimized.

Consider staff availability, the logistics of handling incoming shipments, the limited PCB component availability, and outsourcing is the critical key to success

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