Electronic Component Kitting, specifically for PCB Assembly, starts with the electronic BoM (Bill of Materials).   The BoM calls out each of the components to be placed on the printed circuit board during the PCB assembly process.  Those components are prepared, packaged, and labeled in BoM line-item order as a kitting project, assembly line ready.

Each of the BoM requirements must be fulfilled to meet the call-out exactly, or be approved for use, by the design engineer for the project.  The line items on the BoM must be procured with enough attrition to accommodate the PCB assembly placement.  

Electronic component procurement is challenging within a tight supply chain, stemming from both high demand, and reduced production capacity due to COVID-19.   Kitting Services, whose focus is primarily on the procurement and preparation of the PCB electronic component requirements, is staffed and trained to meet those challenges.  Kitting Services is an outsourcing option which should include BoM scrubbing, alternate component suggestions for long lead-time or obsolete BoM components, and the ability to minimize attrition costs.  

Since 1988, California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has been a leader in providing Kitting Services for PCB Assembly.  Services include BoM scrubbing, component sourcing, alternate sourcing, procurement, component preparation for assembly, reeling, and kitting.  CIC, Inc. also offers inventory management to ensure mission critical electronics are secure for upcoming PCB projects, including quick-turn PCB assemblies.

If you are researching options for outsourcing the kitting materials, please consider CIC, Inc.  Send a note to cic@cic-inc.com to open the conversation.