Specialists In Procurement and Electronic Kitting since 1988

California Integration Coordinators, Inc. has been providing kitting services for PCB assembly since 1988. Our business is helping OEM’s build assembled circuit boards. No matter the quantity of assembled boards required, the quality and attention to detail starts with the quote. Our professional staff takes pride in providing a complete, detailed quote for all component items for the assembly of the PCB.

No matter the quantity of pcb assembly required, the quality and attention to detail starts with the quote.

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Strategic Inventory Management

CIC maintains strategic components for clients, on site, in sufficient quantities to meet critical project demand.
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Rapid Proposal, Purchasing and Kitting

CIC has senior teams of skilled kitting program managers that use proprietary CIC software to provide rapid responses to mission critical client requests and timelines.
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Custom Integration and Support

CIC offers custom product design consultation, fabrication, testing, Packaging, and support for specialized electronic products.
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Our knowledge, experience and dedicated Project Managers make a PCBA successful by:

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